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NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming is a process where we focus on the brain, the words we use and the subsequent behaviour. By altering the language, both the words we speak and our self-talk, our behaviour and the way we feel changes for the better. This is done by working with the unconscious mind which is where our beliefs are held.

One of the roles of the unconscious mind is to keep us safe. It protects us and does an amazing job. Where this becomes a problem is when it becomes a little overprotective, and bless its heart, it stops us stepping out of our comfort zone into something that in all likelihood would be really good for us or heaps of fun. An example of this is when we are invited to a party and the friends we were going to go with suddenly can’t make it. How many of us choose not to go because we would have to go on our own? Our unconscious kicks in with self-talk that might sound like this. “What if you don’t know anyone? What if no-one talks to me? I’m not confident enough to just go up to speak to someone I don’t know and introduce myself? Etc. etc.” Or you want to spread your wings and try a new career path, go back to study, travel overseas or start your own business. Your unconscious mind might talk you out of it. It thinks the unknown and unfamiliar is scary and unsafe even if you consciously know it’s OK and something you want to try. Your unconscious mind will do everything it can to keep you in the familiar, even if it is crappy, because stepping out of your comfort zone, into the unknown seems unsafe to it.

Even with all of the work I have done on myself, (yes, I do practice what I preach and have had 3 breakthroughs myself and numerous individual sessions with other practitioners) my unconscious mind can still try to sabotage. Good luck with that because now I’m aware of it I can give it a good talking to. Yesterday for example, I was booked to have a day long session with another Master Practitioner in Adelaide. I have experienced food intolerances, based in high histamine levels in that food, for several years and the list of food I could tolerate without getting a migraine or sinus infection, was getting markedly smaller. So, I booked in with my friend to deal with it. I had done my tasking and was motivated to do this. My goal, to be able to share pizza and a couple of glasses of red wine with friends or family for dinner and wake up the next morning feeling fine. Health issues often have an underlying emotional problem or trauma and once they are cleared the body can heal itself. I am also working with chiropractors, a naturopath and two other healers on the emotional and physical body. I’ve had enough of this and want it gone.

Friday morning I messaged my friend to make arrangements for the following day. I am very good at manifesting cancellations if I don’t want to do something and was interested in that, deep down, I was hoping she would say she was sorry but needed to postpone the appointment. I knew that she had had a massive week personally and part of me was concerned for her. I realised part of me didn’t want to go and do this. How interesting. She is an adult, perfectly capable of speaking her truth and would have told me if she wasn’t up to it. Also, the day would likely be good for her too as we benefit being the practitioner. Hmmm, my unconscious mind, for whatever reason, was trying to keep me safe. It was trying to keep me in my comfort zone. It had a secondary gain, a reason to keep me where I was. A secondary gain is a positive that comes out of a negative e.g. someone will keep smoking because it calms them down even though they want to stop because of the damage it is doing.

I gave my unconscious a talking to, told it we were going and that it was a positive and safe thing to do. It was almost like a small sulky child, slinking off to sulk in a corner, quite amusing really. My friend and I joked about it most of the day whenever some resistance showed itself. We spent the day together clearing negative emotions and limiting beliefs. It was such a relief to let it all go, I feel much better and am focussing on healing and will definitely keep you up to date on my progress. This was a great reminder for me of how scary it is for people to reach out and contact me for help. Their unconscious mind would kick in big time and stop them from doing just that. They have no idea what a session looks like or what we are going to do. What if I make them go somewhere that is unpleasant? The same thing often happens once an appointment is booked. They cancel and say they are sick, have family coming, you name it the reasons/excuses are endless. Another one is that they can’t afford it. Yes, money is an issue for most of us but I do offer payment plans and really how much would it be worth to you to no longer have your problem, to be free of it forever? Thinks about that, what would it be worth to be rid of the problem forever? And if you can afford a holiday, new car, new shoes, clothes or makeup you can probably afford to invest in yourself, cant’ you? The holiday etc would be so much more fun without the problem, wouldn’t it? Who said you needed to carry this problem forever? This is what I asked myself and you know what, there was no real answer. It was all stories I had been telling myself. So, I got in the car with my unconscious mind still trying to stop me, it was hilarious. “You forgot to put sugar in your tea to take with you, you forgot to grab tissues, you didn’t fill your water bottle, you need to turn around, go home and do these things” I laughed at it, got tissues and water when I got there and drank my tea as it was. So glad I did because today I feel amazing and I am so looking forward to pizza and red wine with people I love.

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