Anything is possible

I was sitting at my laptop early this morning scrolling through Facebook. I had already been up early packing a crystal order for a beautiful friend and even though it was still dark outside I could hear the bird’s morning song. My two furbabies were sitting at my feet, probably wondering why I wasn’t lighting the fire for them as I mentally prepared for the day when this beautiful picture came across my Facebook feed.

It got me to thinking once again about the NLP strategy of “Focus on what you want”. I can hear some of you saying “yeah right, how do I do that when I’m faced with the stress/problems etc that I have in my life”. It really is a simple as changing the words you use, both out loud and in your head (self-talk). Actually, the self-talk is probably the most important because we talk to ourselves more than we talk to anyone else and often we don’t talk nicely to ourselves, do we?

So, the statement on this beautiful pic is “Nothing is impossible”. Seems like a great statement doesn’t it? And the picture is gorgeous. What if you printed it off and put it on the fridge as an affirmation or used it on your computer at work as a wallpaper, just to remind yourself every day? Seems like a great idea. The only thing about it is the focus. What is the statement focussing on? What is the main word? Yep, that’s right, “Impossible”. So, every time you use this affirmation your Unconscious Mind, Spirit, the Divine, the Universe (whichever one is right for you) is zooming in on everything in your world that seems impossible. When we focus on everything that seems impossible in our world, we lose sight of and probably don’t even notice, everything that is possible. So then is seems to snowball, we see, hear and feel all of the seemingly impossible things in our world instead of all of the amazing possibilities.

What if we changed the words to “Anything is possible”? How does that feel? See how it shifts your focus to the possibility in your world. And is that negative voice still saying “Yes but,,,,,,,,” in your head? Then here’s another strategy, say to yourself “Even though I have (this problem) in my life at the moment, anything is possible.” An example, “Even though I have lots of bills to pay, anything is possible or everything will be OK”. Whatever your positive affirmation is, if you get the yes but in your head every time you say it, put an even though statement at the start of it.

Our local Woollies has a sign on the door “Don’t forget your bags”. So, their customers will unconsciously forget their bags. Instead of telling yourself not to forget something, tell yourself to remember, write a note that says “Remember”. Change your language and focus to what you want to happen.

Some other examples are, when someone asks how you are, how many of you say “Not too bad”. The focus is on bad so say “Good thanks”, fake it until you make it. What if your 2-year-old has climbed on the roof (yes this did happen to me), instead of saying don’t fall, because their little brain immediately thinks about and may even visualise falling, say “climb down carefully, hang on tight, watch where you are putting your feet” etc. Say everything you want that little person to so. Give it a go and notice the difference.

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