Here’s to new beginnings and trusting your gut

If you had told me 2 years ago I would be running my own business and a Master Practitioner of NLP, Time Line Therapy® and Hypnotherapy by early 2018, firstly I would not have believed you and secondly, I would have asked what on earth is NLP. Fast forward to today and voila, that is exactly what has happened. Along the way I have met some amazing people, made lifelong friends, faced many challenges and cleared a whole lot of my own stuff. The beauty of the training I have done is that part of the learning is practicing on each other so we clear our own baggage during the workshops. I now have the skills to clear something in myself if it comes up and lots of friends I can Skype with if I need a hand doing it.

I guess for a lot of my adult life I had been searching for something. My studies include:

  • Reiki Master

  • Social Work degree (which will be done and dusted by the end of this year)

  • EFT (tapping)

  • Seichim

  • Horstmann Technique

  • Counselling via a Diploma of Community Welfare specialising in counselling

  • Narrative Therapy

  • Mental Health First Aid

  • Grief and Loss

  • Flower Essences

  • Essential Oils

  • And the list goes on

All of these are fabulous additions to my tool box but I still felt like something was missing. I honestly don’t know why but one day one of those ads came across my Facebook, you know the ones, click here, then fill in your details and we’ll get back to you. Clearly the universe stepped in that day because there was no price mentioned and that is usually enough for me to walk away, but I did complete the details and hit send, then forgot all about it.

That is until I received a call from Karen. She chatted a little about the training. It was 7 ½ day intensive, in Yorketown, you can stay in Coobowie on the beach, wow a week of training with a holiday at the beach thrown in, sounds too good to be true. She also said she wished she had learned it years ago. Karen told me the stories of clients who had had amazing results and people who had done the training and gone on to run their own businesses. She spoke about the broad range of issues that I would be able to help both myself and others with and how they offer a guarantee on their work with clients, that is how confident they are that it works. Well it all sounded perfect but there was just the question of “How much is it?”. My heart sank when she said $3600 plus accommodation. I had no savings, lived week to week and my credit cards (yes more than one) were maxed out. I told her I was very sorry to have wasted her time but I simply could not afford that. She then offered me a payment plan over 12 months. My head was doing calculations at lightening speed. How could I afford it, well the answer was “No sorry, I still can’t afford that much per month”. She then said well what about $xx for 18 months. I paused for a couple of seconds then said “Yeah alright”, gave her my credit card details (there was just enough room for the first payment), she promised to send the study pack and I hung up the phone. Now normally in this situation, when I had just bought something I thought I couldn’t afford, you know like that cute pair of shoes you can’t resist, I would feel remorse and regret and be trying to think of a way to get out of it. Funny thing is I didn’t. I felt calm and excited at the same time. I knew deep down this was the opportunity I had been looking for but part of me still needed convincing. We learn about convincers in NLP, what feedback we need to be convinced of something, for me it is both internal and external, which is usually feedback from another person. So internally I knew I was right but I still needed to ask someone for feedback so I asked the Universe for a sign, does anyone else do that? I follow numbers as a sign a lot, this is the website I use​

Anyway I was driving from the Berri office back to my office at the time in Waikerie so I asked to see a car with a triple number on the number plate eg 111, 222, etc. I drove for about 5 or 10 minutes, lots of cars but no triple number plates so I started to get a bit impatient with the universe, after all I needed to know now! So, I “demanded” to be shown a yellow car with a triple number plate if I had made the right decision. I kid you not, within a couple of seconds a yellow taxi with 555 on the numberplate drove around the corner coming towards me. Now I live in a rural area in Australia and there aren’t too many taxis so that in itself was bizarre plus the fact that it was yellow and had 555 on the number plate. I burst out laughing and laughed all of the way home. You couldn’t wipe the smile off my face.

Then my study pack turned up. I remember opening it in my office at work and wondering what I had gotten myself into. The language was way over my head and I had no idea what presuppositions, metaprograms, representational systems, submodalities or anchors were. Then I looked at the test that had to be completed and handed up by day 6 of the training. Fair to say the doubts were creeping in as I had expected after all of my counselling training to see something familiar. I showed it to one of the girls at work and voiced my self-doubt telling her I knew nothing about any of what was in the book. Her answer was perfect “Of course you don’t silly, you haven’t learned it yet. You’ll be fine”.

And I was, 20 hours of lectures to listen to at least twice while working through the folder, copious notes and doing as much of the test as I could before I left. Then I became really ill and spent almost a week in hospital on IV antibiotics (I remember sitting up in my hospital bed doing the test) then more time off at home recovering. I spoke to Cherry (trainer) and Karen again, thinking I was going to be too unwell to go, both said the illness is the exact reason I needed to come. Then I was off to Yorketown, terrified and excited at the same time. This was way out of my comfort zone. I was going to be sharing accommodation with two other women I had never met, that alone was enough for me to consider cancelling the whole thing. I was still recovering from being sick and wasn’t sure how I would go with 10-hour days. What the hell was I doing? As it turns out the best thing I have ever done (apart from having my kids).

I now know that the illness was the exact reason I needed to go. The underlying emotional crap I had been dealing with was a major cause of the illness and needed to be dealt with. My unconscious mind was also trying to keep me safe as this is one of its jobs. My UC mind knew that even though part of my life was incredibly crappy, it knew I had survived it so far and could do so again. What it didn’t know was who this Cherry person was who was leading the training and if this Karen person who talked me into this could be believed. Also, where I was going was new and unknown, this in itself is enough for our UC minds to sabotage our new ventures as it doesn’t know if we can survive the new thing. Sometimes you have to tell the negative committee in your head to sit down and shut up. So thankfully, I ignored my UC mind the best I could, took a leap out of my comfort zone and had the most amazing week with a great bunch of people. The tears when I got my certificate were tears of relief and joy and I was also incredibly proud of myself for getting through something so new and unknown.

We did 10-hour+ days, 8.30am until 7pm, headed back to our accommodation, had a quick tea and then sat up studying and completing the test until midnight then up again the next day to do it all again. Even after being ill I never felt tired. Learning Time Line Therapy® was the most amazing experience. Both being the client and the practitioner, seeing and feeling the results was enough to convince me that this was what I had been searching for.

I then went back the following year to do two more weeks of the same to complete Master Practitioner. Lots more doubts and fears were faced including allowing myself to be hypnotised into full body catalepsy so I could be suspended between two chairs, feet on one chair and head on another with nothing in between. Straight and strong as a plank of wood. I can guarantee I was hypnotised, there is no way my tummy muscles are strong enough to hold me otherwise. Prior to this I got to be the hypnotherapist and proved to myself that I could induce this type of trance in a client.

On April 25th, ANZAC Day, I launched my business. With the wonderful support of Zoe at Natural Envy where my room is I started seeing clients. I have helped people with anxiety, direction for their future and relationship issues among other things. All have given amazing, positive feedback about the improvement in their lives since working with me. They are also getting positive comments from their friends and family on how great they look and how much they have changed for the better. Their relationships in all areas of life are improving. Several marriages are doing better simply because one person within the couple has cleared their stuff. That’s what is so amazing, when you clear your stuff, people that you struggle with seem different and the relationship improves. You learn to respond rather than react and this in itself improves relationships. The important people stay and your relationship with them just gets better and better and the unimportant ones don’t push your buttons anymore or they disappear out of your life. People who struggled with anxiety are stepping out of their comfort zone in ways they never imagined they would be able to do. And those who felt lost and lacking direction have picked up study and work options, improved relationships and had a positive turn around with their lives.

I am so looking forward to meeting new clients and following their journey. I really do love what I do. I once said during the training to another participant, “I don’t want to be working so hard all my life just to survive”, she said “But it won’t be work because you will love it”, and she was right.

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