About Soul Essence With 

                                Jo-anne Cain

My dream is to empower and enable others to be the best they can be, physically, emotionally, spiritually and professionally so they can live a productive, healthy life.  

I am so inspired by what I have learned and the changes it has made to my life. I would love to talk to you about anything you would like to change in your life and how together we can make it happen.


I am a Social Worker, Master Practitioner of NLP, Time Line Therapy™, NLP Coaching and Hypnotherapy, Reiki Master and a member of the International Institute for Complimentary Therapists. My role is supporting clients to release negative emotions and limiting beliefs and create their future. NLP has many ways for you to create positive outcomes or change behaviour. It eliminates obstacles, restores and builds energy, and it brings your goals into alignment, burning through life's obstacles.  

When Dragonfly enters your life you begin releasing yourself from unproductive illusions that hold your soul’s progression back. The Dragonfly spirit challenges old habits and concepts that box you in. Transformation is dawning on the horizon.

Because Dragonflies gravitate to ponds and puddles, they are creatures of both air and water. This means that Dragonfly symbolism and meaning is deeply tied to our emotions and our mind.
Finally, Dragonfly has a short life span. As such this animal spirit guide teaches you to live each moment to the fullest. Be aware of all the gifts and lessons you encounter daily, and offer a thankful heart to your Dragonfly guide.

Dragonfly is one of nature’s shape shifters. The dragonfly inhabits two realms, air and water. The first two years of their life dragonflies live in the water, on the bottom of ponds and streams, and are called nymphs. As they age they go through metamorphosis and take to the air. As water represents the emotional body and air represents the mental, those with this power animal will frequently find themselves trying to maintain balance between their thoughts and emotions.

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